Monday, October 24, 2005

Shirley MacLaine

Today I received a photo from Ms. Shirley MacLaine! I had sent her an email asking for a photo for me, my wife and my mother. She sent the one photo to myself and I will try again for my wife and mother. Great actress from MANY wonderful films!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Autograph World Auction Wins

I was a HUGE "Jackass" fan when the show first came out and have been trying to get Mr. Johnny Knoxville for some time. Thanks to Autograph World for the assist. Great photo to add to my collection!

I have to say that Jason Schwartzman is one of the funniest actors around! I absolutely LOVED "Rushmore" and his character in "Slackers" was by far one of the funniest performances I have ever seen! Great auction win here!! Thanks again to Autograph World!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tim Allen

Got Tim Allen in the mail today. Great actor from "Home Improvement" and a list of other great works. Kinda bummed though because he chose not to sign the Buzz Lightyear photo I had included for my son. I guess I will try him again another time!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Great Start to October!

I got the following successes this week so far! Great start to my favorite month of the year!

Ms. Alex Borstein aka Lois Griffin on "Family Guy"!! Very funny lady!

Mr. Terry O'Quinn aka John Locke on LOST!! Great addition to my growing LOST collection!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Sent Slash the following photos, which he returned signed. Great success from one of the greatest guitarists ever.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I Met Vince Vaughn Tonight!!!

Me and the amazingly talented Mr. Vince Vaughn

Me and Mr. Peter Billingsley (Ralphie from "A Christmas Story")

Me and Mr. Keir O'Donnell (Ignore the date, my digital camera sucks)

OH MY GOD!!! Now that I've gotten that out of my system, let me try to piece together the last 12 hours of my life. I got to Earthlink Live at about 3 PM. I had noticed on the marquee that the show had sold out. I was kinda bummed because I kinda wanted to see the show, but was totally stoked that I was even there attempting to meet Vince Vaughn in the first place! I decided to ask the ticket counter person if any additional tickets would be released and he told me he had 2 tickets left!! Thank you Jesus!! I quickly snatched both tickets and staked my claim out front. I had a friend from work go with me and we met up around 4:30. By now 2 other auto collectors had joined me, but they were really cool and helped kill time. I have been reading up on this show online for a couple of days now and came to find out that Peter Billingsley, yes THE Peter Billingsley (You'll shoot your eye out!) was making select appearances on this tour as a special guest! Well, I was going to take NO chances and printed up a couple of "A Christmas Story" photos and crossed my fingers. Well (no lie) as I am trying to explain to the other collectors what Peter Billingsley looks like now, all of the sudden he appears out front smoking a cigarette!! Thank you Jesus, yet again! He was totally approachable and signed 3 photos for me and took a photo with me, which come to find out after...never took, damn digital cameras! Vince finally shows up and shuns us immediately, which we kind of expected due to a roadie informing us he pretty much stays in "the zone" before a performance. We still stuck with him and were shunned again as he got on his tour bus. We took our seats for what turned out to be a very funny and entertaining show!! 3 of the 4 comedians were hilarious!! Vince looked great!! He called another special guest out who turned out to be Keir O'Donnell, a costar from "Wedding Crashers." They did a cute skit together and Vince and Peter showed clips from an after school special they did together in 1989!!! It was a riot!! Anyways the show comes to an end and I beeline to the front of the building where what appeared to be about 15 auto collectors had now congregated!! So we wait for about 20 minutes and we are shunned AGAIN by Mr. Vaughn who left in an SUV to be taken over to his tour bus a half a block away. We run over and he appears to be signing outside his bus. I did manage to get 1 signature on my Anchorman photo! This brings my Anchorman collection to 4 now with Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Tim Robbins. Anyways, I am getting off track! So I get my 1 sig and he gets on his bus. We wait for about 25 minutes and in the meantime I met 3 of the 4 comedians (the funny ones), got my photo with Peter...again...damn digital cameras...and met Keir O'Donnell! Well they all leave to go to the aftershow party and Vince is still on the bus. Mind you the crowd has gone from 25 to about 10 by now. Vince gets off the bus and looks at all of us and says "OK, I'll sign some stuff for you guys!" I went on autopilot at that point!! My only goal was to get my stuff signed and my photo taken with him! He signed ALL my stuff AND posed for a photo with me!!! Great
guy all around! The whole time he kept telling us how much he loved us and how glad he was that we came and more importantly had a good time. I was so moved by his generosity!! All in all, I walked away tonight with 3 Vince Vaughn autos, 3 Peter Billingsley autos, 1 Keir O'Donnell auto and photos with all 3 of them!! AMAZING night overall!! The following photos are the autographs I obtained.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Helping Others

These are my two sons, Jakob and Dylan. Jakob is 5 and Dylan is 3 months. Me and Jakob were watching the Hurricane Katrina "Shelter From The Storm" fundraiser tonight and watching the images and listening to the performances I began to cry. My son didn't understand so I told him what Katrina did and what happened to all of those people and he began to get upset as well. After the concert was over he told me that he would like to give some of his toys to the children who were crying on TV. I was overwhelmed with emotion after hearing that. This is a 5 year old telling me this. I knew then that me and my wife were not only doing our jobs as parents, but we needed to do our jobs as humans. I donated $60 to the Red Cross and I urge all of you to do what you can. I honestly don't know what I would do without my family and I think we all take things for granted sometimes. We've seen destruction and despair, now lets perform a miracle.
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